Our Story

I joined to US Army in 2000 and deployed to Iraq in 2003-2004.  I served with the 16th Airborne Military Police Brigade and the 220th Military Police Brigade.  

I always felt that too many veterans forget that they were a part of something amazing.  I wanted to give you something that you can carry with you every day.  Some of the first wallets I made got the most amazing feedback.  One veteran wrote to me and told me that when he paid for his groceries, he felt, "a foot taller".  That was the main idea when starting this.  

Our hope is that we are able to provide free wallets to the families of veterans that we've lost.  That way they can carry a small remembrance of one of our brothers or sisters that gave their life in defense of this great nation.  

We're a small company and with all the overwhelming support we've already received we're hoping to be able to hire other disabled veterans, like myself as we continue to grow.  

Thank you all for everything.  Please send us any questions you may have.